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Cyber Blessings!

Looks like the religious world is taking to cyberspace in a big way. Someone sent me a link for this website called Online Prasad that seems to be selling prasads from some 50 odd temples from around India. To top it off, they also sell malas of rudraksha beads, yantras, and whole lot of other related things. You can even book poojas for many temples at this site. Another site doing the rounds on my twitter feed these days is Shubh Pooja, which essentially also books poojas for you, but their range of temples is much larger! There’s also Sacred Books which selling cliff-notes and summary versions of Mahabharat and Ramayana - the great epics.

While I like the idea of getting all this done online, is it too much to ask that these sites at least redo their design and interface into something more aesthetic and pleasing… Why do all online commerce startups have such annoying design values.

Besides that, I do like the idea of taking care of the prasad and pooja online. However, I do hope that these entrepreneurs not forget that ethics are more important than just profits and cash flow. In a way, these businesses are marketing “god’s” products, and no one is really comfortable bargaining with a god or temple. So I hope these enterprising people do not take undue advantage of this fact and go overboard.